Chris Parente, Wine & Dine Columnist
March 25, 2014, Comments Off

How do you simultaneously help build a successful business in DC and become an internationally recognized authority on wine? That’s the biggest question I had going into an interview with [...]

Chris Parente, Wine & Dine Columnist

WINE & DINE COLUMN: 2014 State of the Wine Industry Report

January 24, 2014, 1 Comment

What kind of year will 2014 be for the wine industry? For the past four years Silicon Valley Bank has put out a report that tries to answer that quest ...

Chris Parente, Wine & Dine Columnist

WINE & DINE COLUMN: Wines for Your Thanksgiving Table

November 25, 2013, 2 Comments

Holiday season has arrived, and for many it’s time to think about what wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s some suggestions that could ...

Chris Parente, Wine & Dine Columnist

WINE & DINE COLUMN: Hits and Misses of a Wine Manifesto

October 29, 2013, 1 Comment

By: Chris Parente, Strategic Communications Group Jaime Goode is one of the wine writers I follow online. He’s the wine columnist for the U.K. n ...

  • Chris Parente, Wine & Dine Column
    WINE & DINE COLUMN: Deciphering the Wines of Italy
    April 30, 2013, Comments Off

      Italian wine can be tough for most of us to understand. Italy has officially recognized and regulated production classifications like the French Appellation system, so some knowledge of Italian [...]