Latest Recommendations of CLOUD2 Unveiled by TechAmerica Foundation and Attain, LLC


Phil Bond, CEO of TechAmerica Foundation

The TechAmerica Foundation and Attain, LLC revealed the latest recommendations of the Commission on the Leadership Opportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2).

“Cloud computing is the latest example of how American innovation sets the pace for the world. This report examines the steps that the U.S. government must take as a buyer and as a policymaker to ensure that we keep setting the pace,” said Phil Bond, president and CEO of TechAmerica and member of the TechAmerica Foundation board. “An increasingly competitive world is right on our heels looking for an opportunity to pass the U.S. in this new deployment. I’m betting on America.”

The CLOUD2 Commission was formed this past March and has over 70 experts from various industries and academia that worked together to identify how government should deploy cloud technologies and address policies that could hinder U.S. leadership in commercial cloud innovation.

As a result of the report, which presents a roadmap to attain widespread Federal cloud adoption and attaining America’s leadership position as being the number one drivers in innovation, CLOUD2 has determined that a lack of trust is the primary obstacle in cloud adoption.

The report’s suggestions are comprised of four categories: Transformation, Trust, Transparency and Transformational Data Flow, along with government recommendations that have been presented to Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, Secretary Gary Locke and Commerce Under Secretary Pat Gallagher.

“Innovation is America’s competitive edge in the global economy,” said Attain Chairman and CEO Greg Baroni. “CLOUD2 not only provides strategic and tactical recommendations that can help the Federal government achieve the financial and operational benefits of cloud-based technologies, but also offers a guide to successfully paving our nation’s path forward as a leader in cloud.”

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