Paul Leslie’s Advice To His Kids: “Find The Passion”


Paul Leslie, Dovel Technologies

WashingtonExec Series:

WashingtonExec asked the simple question to top area executives:

“If you could give your kids only three pieces of advice, what would they be?”

Today’s insight is from Paul Leslie, CEO of Dovel Technologies.

Paul Leslie:

My three children are just beginning to face their work/life prospects and challenges – and to whittle down from the hundreds of things that as a parent I want to advise, to three critical tidbits, is a daunting task.

So assuming that they have adopted the critical values that we have tried to instill in them during their development years – integrity, honesty, doing what’s right – then I would list the top three as these:

Find the Passion: Do something that you are really excited about. Love what you do and do it with people you want to work with.  It will give you continuous energy, increased opportunities, professional and personal growth, and ultimately tremendous satisfaction.

It’s a Marathon: Success – however you define it – will come in small increments. Rarely does it come all at once. So realize that the ‘long road’ requires lots of hard work, real experience, perseverance, and commitment.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone: At some time, you will be faced with opportunities that will dramatically take you down a different path. Take it!  Do your diligence but don’t fear the unknown.  A new path may open up all kinds of new and exciting opportunities.  After all – Life is about long-term learning.





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