Q & A With Steve Alfieris—Using Mobile Technology Efficiently At The Federal Level


Steve Alfieris, IntelliDyne

IntelliDyne, LLC CEO Steve Alfieris shared with WashingtonExec the challenges he faces when working with federal agencies to adopt mobile technology in a down economy, as well as why big data isn’t such a new concept after all.

IntelliDyne is a consulting firm specializing in providing technology solutions in the areas of information assurance, cyber security and cloud computing (among others) for the defense, homeland security, law enforcement and civilian sectors. The company was recently selected as a finalist for SmartCEO’s Volt Awards in the cyber warrior section. IntelliDyne was also recently named a 2012 Helios Awards finalist.

WashingtonExec: Talk about IntelliDyne, LLC and what your role is in fostering the goals of the company.

Steve Alfieris: IntelliDyne is a consulting firm that enables better business performance for our clients in the Federal Government.

As the CEO of IntelliDyne, my role is to set the course for strategic long term growth, setting assertive but achievable goals for our business. I strongly believe that leaders lead by example. So, I focus day-in and day-out on being present and creating an environment where we all work together, collaboratively, and where I am “in it” with each and every IntelliDyne employee.

WashingtonExec: Have you started selling mobile solutions or using mobile solutions for your employees?

Steve Alfieris: Yes to both! It is essential that we continue to align our focus directly with the Federal Government and there is no question, at this point, that mobile is becoming a common theme within the Federal Government. While adopting mobile technology certainly has productivity enhancing advantages, it also creates a number of management challenges. Our clients are grappling with answering the demand for greater access to mobile, and from our perspective, mobile computing is a great way to enhance productivity and efficiency when it’s implemented thoughtfully.

Internally, we encourage our employees to use technology to their advantage. So many companies tell their employees, “Go be innovative!”  and leave it at that. We’ve found the charge to be so much more effective when you provide people a spark—and that might be a tool (such as a tablet), the flexibility and freedom to follow a hunch, or a specific challenge that launches creative thought.  In that spirit, in the next couple weeks, we’re unveiling a new challenge for our employees, centered on mobile. I can’t get into the details yet, but it’s going to be fun. Stay tuned.

WashingtonExec: How have recent budget cuts changed your business strategy?

Steve Alfieris: The budget cuts have changed our clients’ strategies more so than ours! Our strategy has always been to align our solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, it is the Federal CIO’s mandate to “do more with less” that has been a driving force in the re-focusing of our business.  As the government continues to evolve it’s vital that we evolve as well.


“The most significant push toward big data is attributed to the focus on cloud computing and data center virtualization which is forcing government CIOs to enable transparent and secure access to critical and sensitive data in real-time, while reducing the footprint.”


WashingtonExec: The White House recently announced a new big data strategy; the concept has been around for a long time…why do you think it has exploded now?

Steve Alfieris: To us, at IntelliDyne, while the term “big data” is new, the concept has been deployed for several years, as any major data system in government such as ERP, CRM, or ECM required strategic data mining and the sharing of large volumes of information.

The most significant push toward big data is attributed to the focus on cloud computing and data center virtualization which is forcing government CIOs to enable transparent and secure access to critical and sensitive data in real-time, while reducing the footprint. If two years ago, we were just talking ‘inside the enterprise’, now with mobile devices and tablets taking over- it means big data is an imperative to any strategic IT initiative.

What we at IntelliDyne emphasize to our clients is the need to align a strategic path that incorporates governance, business ROI analytics, and a solid SOA to ensure that their big data becomes more efficient and secure, while empowering the new ‘freedoms’ it offers.

WashingtonExec: What motivated you to rebrand your company website and IT solutions platform? How do you view social media or video in to your overall marketing or company strategy?

Steve Alfieris: If the shoe maker’s kids don’t have the best shoes – they should!  It would not give IntelliDyne much credence if, as a leader in developing innovative solutions, we couldn’t innovate for ourselves.  The top technologists in government are active voices in the IT community and they are online, using social media and video to promote the business of government.  As an innovator it is both incumbent and essential that we, as a company, are always moving forward.   We must show that we believe so strongly in what we’re doing for the government, we do it for ourselves.

WashingtonExec: What does being a finalist for the 2012 Helios Apollo awards mean to you?

Steve Alfieris: It’s an honor.  We work hard to cultivate an outstanding community for our employees. We want IntelliDyne to set the industry standard for creating a work environment that is conducive to each employee thriving and enjoying his/her job.  Becoming a finalist validates the work we do to build a positive culture.

WashingtonExec: Why pet insurance for your employees?

Steve Alfieris: Why not?  Seriously, it is a perk that is unusual, is fun and is always well-received.  If we can provide a unique benefit that enhances our corporate culture and sets us apart from others, why not?

WashingtonExec: Is there a book you’ve read recently that has inspired you?

Steve Alfieris: Yes, in fact I’m always reading several books simultaneously. I’ve recently finished a biography of Andrew Jackson called American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House by Jon Meacham. He was a complex person who overcame great personal tragedies with a steadfast and unwavering belief in carrying the flag of “rights” for the ordinary people. His views of the role of government; for the people, by the people and with the people at the time were transformational, and set many new standards for all future presidents. Not loved by all, but certainly devoted to the voice of the people.  The inspiration for me is that anything is possible regardless of the odds if you apply yourself.



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