QinetiQ North America Awarded $4.7 Million For Contract With Volpe National Transportation Systems Center


John Sutton, QinetiQ North America

The Volpe National Transportation System Center awarded QinetiQ North America a $4.7 million task order on May 31 for cybersecurity services.   QinetiQ North America’s assignment is to protect the nation’s transportation and control systems and critical infrastructure.

“With this task order, we will be able to help our customer meet its mission by providing innovative services and expertise to help protect our country’s critical transportation control systems,” said QinetiQ North America’s Executive Vice President of Mission and Information Solutions business unit, John Sutton. “We’re honored to work with the Volpe Center as it moves forward with technologies and methodologies to define the future of the nation’s transportation systems enterprise.”

This task order will be the first cybersecurity task order issued under the Volpe’s V-TRIPS contract.

QinetiQ North America will be challenged to identify technological requirements for systems and controls and study potential cyber threats and risks to critical infrastructures.

QinetiQ North America’s analysts and engineers will tackle cybersecurity requirements, evaluate cybersecurity tools and techniques, and formulate standards for building a variety of secure systems.

The Volpe Center functions as part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration, and works with federal, state, local and international agencies to improve transportation technologies, and support policy and decision-making.




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