TechAmerica Foundation Organizes Big Data Commission


Bill Perlowitz, Wyle

The TechAmerica Foundation announced that the foremost thinkers on “Big Data” will lead a commission of 22 experts and academics to examine the issue and provide guidance on how to use “Big Data” to address the most pressing issues facing government and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness.

Steve Mills, Senior Vice President and Group Executive at IBM and Steve Lucas, Global Executive Vice President and General Manager, Database and Technology at SAP will chair the commission.  Teresa Carlson, Vice President Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services and Bill Perlowitz, Chief Technology Officer, Science, Technology and Engineering Group, Wyle will serve as vice chairs of the commission.

Jennifer Kerber, President of the TechAmerica Foundation said, “The problem today is not gathering data, but rather making intelligent actionable decisions based on the volume, velocity and variety of data we are receiving.  I am excited about launching this commission and hope that we can leverage the best and brightest industry, academic and government minds to determine how to use big data to drive innovation, efficiencies and effectiveness in the public sector.”

Steve Lucas said, “The world’s data is doubling every 18 months, presenting government and industry with new opportunities to transform information into insight.  New database technologies and applications coupled with real time analysis of big data, will help business and government run better and ultimately improve the well-being of customers and citizens.  By bringing private sector innovation to the public sector, the Big Data Commission will help leaders address some of the biggest questions facing government today.”

The Commission also expects to address other issues including: what capabilities are required to succeed?  How do you use Big Data to make intelligent decisions?  How will agencies effectively govern and secure huge volumes of information, while protecting privacy and civil liberties?  How do we use big data to transform how the government delivers services?

Bill Perlowitz said, “Big Data has the potential to increase efficiency, improve the speed and accuracy of decisions, forecast the future, identify savings, increase transparency, create jobs, and provide insight into our agencies and citizenry; this is a hugely disruptive force occurring during challenging economic times.  To transform hindsight to insight and remain competitive, we must immediately address the technical, cultural, organizational and policy challenges data poses and embrace the relentless increase in available data.”

The commission is made up of leading experts of big data from the industry and academia; view the full list here.

Read Bill Perlowtiz’s interview with WashingtonExec – “Prepping For The Big Data Overload” here.





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