TASC Awarded Prime In Federal MOBIS Contract


Dale Luddeke, TASC

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has awarded TASC, Inc., a Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services contract, or MOBIS. Through MOBIS, federal agencies can acquire a range of professional business services to help improve their operations.

“For nearly 50 years, TASC has helped government decision makers drive systems engineering efficiencies and optimal cost benefits on some of their most challenging programs and complex systems,” said Dale Luddeke, chief growth officer of TASC. “Our federal customers can use the GSA MOBIS schedule to draw upon TASC’s mission and business experts from across the company to ensure the success of their programs, on time and on budget.”

As a prime contractor, the company will provide services in different areas, including management consulting and acquisition management, for federal clients. It has worked with the intelligence community, Department of Defense and federal civilian agencies on national security and public safety issues since 1966.

“Our capabilities leverage TASC’s knowledge across multiple functional areas and specialized domains to help government agencies achieve mission, efficiency and affordability objectives,” says Luddeke.






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