Cyveillance Announces Expansion with Cyber Safety Awareness Training Program


David Papas, Cyveillance

Cyveillance, a world leader in cyber intelligence, has announced an expansion of its Cyber Safety Awareness Training (CSAT) program. CSAT is a modular, easy-to-use computer-based tool for organizations wanting to train employees in methods to protect against the latest Internet threats, also reducing the high costs associated with after-the-fact remediation.

CSAT’s eight new training modules target specific threat types, like a traffic school for employees who fall for phishing and other social engineering attacks delivered online.

With CSAT, employees have an ongoing education program that is responsive to media events. It operates much like a traffic school where the users whose computers are “violated” take training to minimize the likelihood of making the mistakes that make them vulnerable.

In the reinforcement training, the topics are categorized in Threats and How to Stay Safe. In the former, topics include corporate attacks, malware, phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering. In the latter, personal technology, web safety, and cyber safety tips.

“If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone and you use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you need to understand the benefits and pitfalls of their uses,” said Dave Papas, Chief Operating Officer for Cyveillance. “CSAT training teaches employees how to be savvy about whether to respond to emails to update a bank account, accept a LinkedIn or Facebook request, or just click on a link sent by someone posing as a friend. Some of our customers have seen a 20 percent decline in computer remediation costs as a result of implementing our CSAT training.”




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