Belkin Secure KVM Switching Solutions Earns NIAP Common Criteria Certification

Nandan Kalle, Belkin

Nandan Kalle, Belkin

Belkin announced March 25 that its Secure KVM Switching solutions have earned NIAP Common Criteria Certification under the Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switch Version 3.0 (PP3.0). This certification validates that Belkin Secure KVM Switching solutions meet the stringent testing and technical requirements for security mandated by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) along with 25 other governments worldwide.

“What we’re especially proud of is that our KVM technology framework is the benchmark for the new certification. It’s great to see the industry adopt our security standards,” Belkin Director of Commercial Networking Nandan Kalle said. “As other players are now mandated to follow the same security standards, what now sets Belkin apart is our unique ability to provide a superior user experience while minimizing errors during the installation of and interaction with our Secure KVM Switching solutions.”

“There is no margin for error due to installation problems and misuse in secured environments,” Kalle said. “These new products along with the PP3.0 benchmark achievement underscore Belkin’s proven ability to provide the most advanced Secure KVM solutions in the industry.”

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