Jim Schleckser on Behaviors that Make Great CEOs

Jim Schleckser

Jim Schleckser

Last fall, Jim Schleckser, author of “Great CEOs Are Lazy,” came and spoke to WashingtonExec’s Federal Business Council, about behaviors that make the difference in a CEO’s performance.

Schleckser’s roundtable with the council centered around how CEOs can accomplish more for their companies in less time. He also shared techniques for how to get work done and still have time to pursue hobbies and spend quality time with friends and family.

In his conversation with the council, Schleckser explained that rather than spending a little time on many things, the best CEOs dedicate most of their time finding and eliminating the single biggest constraint to the growth of their business.

“This must-attend event was insightful and provided practical insights about how CEOs can use a ‘concentration of forces’ approach rather than spreading themselves around like peanut butter trying to address all areas at the same time,” said Andrea Stone, CEO of Dynamic Pro, Inc. “Jim provided powerful advice on how to relieve the top bottleneck in my business by playing the learner, architect, coach, engineer, or player depending on the issue at hand. Lazy is definitely the smart way of running a business!”

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