The Age of Cyber Resiliency


Instead of talking about cybersecurity, organizations need to shift their conversation to cyberresiliency.

That’s according to Dave Wajsgras, president of Intelligence, Information and Services at Raytheon. In an interview on “Government Matters,” Wajsgras said, “you need to assume there’s going to be a breach and then you should answer the question, are we resilient enough to withstand a breach?”

With the same attack vectors striking both the government and commercial sectors, there are lessons learned that can benefit both. One certainty is that the threat is advancing daily and the defense standpoints must advance daily as well.

 “Through investments, primarily through partnerships of government and commercial organizations in areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning, that’s going to tip the scales back in favor of the cyber defenders,” Wajsgras said.

To watch the whole interview, click here.

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