AT&T Upgrades Push-to-Talk Service


An officer is using AT&T’s Push-to-Talk service

AT&T has launched a major upgrade to its walkie talkie-like service, enabling users to essentially get the services of both a smartphone or tablet and a two-way radio in one.

The Enhanced Push-to-Talk service is used by workers in a variety of settings — government, construction, utilities, shipping, health care, education and public safety, among others. It allows up to 250 users to easily stay in touch with each other at once.

The upgrade features Push-to-X functionality, which allows for sending highly secure texts, photos, videos, voice recordings, files and location data to groups and contacts on FirstNet and AT&T networks. Another feature allows workers who don’t have their an EPTT device on them to still be reached with a voice message if they miss the real-time call.

“Five years ago, we reshaped the industry when we launched our Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Integrated Dispatch,” said Igor Glubochansky, assistant vice president and general manager for mobility product management at AT&T. “I’ve talked to dozens of our customers who say the service has helped them dramatically boost productivity and save money. Now, it’s getting even better.”


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